Step 1/6: Let's get started
Step 1/6: Let's get started

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More Info Before You Register

   Terms of registration - Bellbowrie Strikers Hockey Club Important: - scroll to the end to read the Bellbowrie Hockey Club Terms and Policies.

Payment Method and Terms - Bellbowrie Strikers Hockey Club

    Memberships and Fees - Bellbowrie Strikers Hockey Club

 Discounts - Bellbowrie Strikers Hockey Club

 Uniforms and Equipment - Bellbowrie Strikers Hockey Club

NOTE: - Junior Stix registrants - Please read our Junior Stix page for further information before registering


For players transferring from other clubs;

  • If you have previously registered to play via RevSport, the system has been recently updated, so that you simply need to "Returning Member" from our Registration Page below, and a notification email is sent to your old club(s) letting them know you are transferring automatically. If they have any reason (unpaid fees or not returned equipment etc.) they will then contact both you and Strikers Hockey Club to discuss. In the event that this occurs, Strikers is unable to let you play matches until the issue is resolved.
  • If you have never registered via RevSport and have played in Qld in the last 5 years , please provide a clearance letter from your previous club by email to .

How to Register and Pay

Primary Club Registration

Strikers Hockey Club has setup the registrations available to provide you a choice when it comes to paying for your club fees. When registering:

  1. Hockey Australia (HA) and Hockey QLD (HQ) require that your National and State fees are paid online by credit card at time of registration. This will incur a $1.60 charge plus 2% fee.
  2. If offered a choice of Club registration during the process please select an appropriate option. (Not all registration types have options)
  3. Complete the HA and HQ registration process by paying the State and National Fees. (You will receive an email - check your junk mail).
  4. We will then invoice you via a seperate email with an option to Direct Deposit to our account or pay by Credit Card via Stripe (1.75% fee). This may not happen immediately, so feel free to commence paying your Club Fees by deposit to our account (details here).

Never registered in RevSport before

  • Choose the "New Member" option the first time you register in RevSport, and choose your registration option.  Once registered you will then be able to use the "Returning Member" option next year.

Previously Registered in RevSport

  • Choose the "Returning Member" option and select your registration option.

Dual Secondary Registration

Those players who are registering with Strikers Hockey Club as their Secondary Club should first register with their Primary Association/Club then click the Returning Member button below.  (Please note you need to have registered with your Primary Association/Club first to be able to access this function). Enter the same personal information as per your Primary Registration and select the appropriate DUAL Registration Option (Senior DUAL , Student DUAL or Junior DUAL ). An invoice will be emailed for the Strikers Club fee.


 Make sure to check your email Junk or Spam Folders 

Email the registrar at for assistance


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