There are three discount schemes on offer for Strikers Hockey fees:

A member may only utilise one discount.
Please consider which discounts apply to you and apply for the one that best suits your situation.

FairPlay vouchers can be used for all fees, including discounted fees.
Due to the introduction of a new registration platform by Hockey Australia, members may be required to pay the standard fee upfront, and be reimbursed upon the Treasurer validating eligibility for the discounted rate.

Own Goalie Gear Discount

Goalkeepers who use their own equipment are entitled to the discounted rate described in the Strikers Hockey fees schedule.

Bring a Friend Discount

The Bring a Friend program is designed to increase the enjoyment of playing hockey and increase our playing membership. When a member introduces a new member, both will be reimbursed 25% of their Junior or Senior Strikers Hockey fees provided that:

  • The current member was registered and financial last season.

  • The new member is one that was not registered to play with Bellbowrie Hockey Club previously.

  • Both players sign-up and pay their fees in full before the end of the 13th game week.

  • Neither person will be eligible for the discount if both fees have not been paid in full by the end of the 13th game week.

  • The member and friend do not need to play in the same team or grade.

  • Players may commence paying for their Club fees in the off-season.

  • Casual, Junior Stix (Hin2H) and Social members are exempt from the program (either current or new).

  • Program may not be made available every year.

So, get talking to your friends and relatives and introduce them to our great sport.

Family Discount

The Family Discount is designed to reduce the financial burden on parents who have multiple children playing. A Family may apply for a 15% Family Discount on Junior or Senior Strikers Hockey fees provided that:

  • A Family has four or more eligible players.

  • For this purpose, a Family is considered to be a group consisting of one or two parents (partners) and their children (U18 at 1 Jan) living together as a unit. (There may be valid exceptions to this definition which the committee will consider case by case).

  • Casual, Hin2H and Social members are not eligible, and do not count as family members, for this discount.

  • Program may not be made available every year.


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